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Fountains and water features are a statement about the space they occupy and the owners that commission them.  They can define a quiet, contemplative state or a robust and natural environment for play.  Look no further than the National Mall in DC to see the gamut of expression in water features from the tranquil Reflecting Pool, to the dramatic World War II Memorial, to the naturalistic FDR Memorial.  Each water feature expresses the nature of that era and event.

During my employment as President of Specialty Pool & Fountain, SPF was selected to provide the plumbing and pumping systems for the 911 Memorial at the Pentagon.  I was fortunate to work closely with the design architects and victim’s families to understand the deep importance of this site to them and all of the nuances of material selection and placement.  This project, in particular, opened my eyes to the special place water can hold as part of the architectural expression for all types of construction.

FountainLogix is the culmination of my experiences for the last 35 years in the aquatics and construction industry.  While a water feature is rarely the largest component of a construction project, it can be one of the more complex projects as it requires participation or coordination from nearly all trades working on the site.  It also requires experience in complex water treatment and material interactions.  As the name suggests, I can bring structure and experience to a phase of construction that is often underestimated.  I can also bring valuable transition expertise to the owner as they move from construction to operation.

Hello, my name is Doug Clarke and I am the Managing Member of FountainLogix, LLC.  Please enjoy the rest of the site.  Visit the contact page and request a more detailed resume of my experience and qualifications to see how I may assist you in the future.  Thank you for visiting.