• FountainLogix can provide you the ability to incorporate specific design criteria into your water feature vision for a project. 
  •  No second guessing regarding the operation systems and locations. 

  • Provide your client a realistic budget for water feature development.

Water Feature Builders

  • FountainLogix can be a resource for the exotic projects.

  • FountainLogix can help you source materials.

  •  Design/Build projects can be effectively contracted, drawn and constructed with an experienced partner helping with the details.

General Contractors

  •  Add FountainLogix to your management team to direct and coordinate all the trades involved in the construction of a water feature from plumbers to electricians, concrete to waterproofing to masonry.

  • Be able to control and deliver the desired product without adding another level of subcontractor. 

  • Use the expertise of FountainLogix to develop accurate schedules and milestones.

What We Can Do For You:

Property Manager

  • Who is representing your interests when it comes to maintaining the fountain? 
  • FountainLogix can be the link to training personnel on how to maintain your new or existing fountain. 
  • FountainLogix can also inspect and prepare budgetary advice regarding repairs required for the future.

Fountain Manufacturer

  • Do you need someone to help represent your interests in the Mid-Atlantic market? 
  • Would it be beneficial to have a local, experienced trouble shooter help you avoid costly trips?  
  • FountainLogix can be your local factory representative to give you an advantage in one of the busiest water feature markets in the country.